EDB Insights Hub

Client: Singapore Economic Development Board

Communicating Singapore’s value propositions to tech-savvy & business-minded readers

How do we help market Singapore to the rest of the business world? It is with this big ask in mind that we have worked closely with EDB on content creation and infographic design since 2018. 

To meet what the business community needs, it was important to us that each article’s insights and accompanying graphics were clear in what it could offer to the reader. We did this by ensuring each article was underpinned with rigorous research, asked good questions to extract useful insights from the interviews and overlaid each infographic with clear and modern design to make the messages accessible and direct.

Turning What If’s into What’s Next: an animated interactive infographic provides an immersive viewing experience

 Singapore’s Growing Startup Ecosystem: Infographics are used to breakdown complex data and statistics

Healthtech innovations transforming SEA’s landscape: Spot illustrations provide a visual representation of the content being shared

Social Media adaptations: Key visuals and content points are extracted to create mobile-friendly social media visuals