Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific 2019

Client: Singapore Economic Development Board

Bringing the vision of Singapore as an advanced manufacturing city to life

To build on the previous year’s message of how Singapore is ready for I4.0 transformation, we wanted to give visitors an experience of Singapore as an advanced manufacturing city and generate excitement around what this future holds. 

The booth focused on Singapore’s embodiment of everything the city needs — tools for industry transformation, R&D, a ready talent pool, infrastructure and connectivity to the region.

The AM City logo and brand elements feature a five-sided pentagon to represent the five elements of the city coming together

The ‘City Hall’ promotes tools for industry transformation such as Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI). 

The ‘Living Lab’ showcases a demo-version of the Hyper-Personalisation Line, which incorporates various smart technologies developed by Singapore research institutes.

In the ‘Innovation District’, Jurong Innovation District was positioned as the home for factories of the future.

Stories of different manufacturing workers and the roles they play are woven across the landscape, emphasising the role of these individuals in the AM city.