Mov’t Singapore: The Seiko Watch Story

Client: Singapore Economic Development Board

Telling the story of Singapore’s only watch factory

To celebrate made-in-Singapore products and introduce visitors to lesser known products developed by Singapore’s manufacturing industry, EDB commissioned an exhibition to tell the story of Seiko Instruments Singapore. The first overseas subsidiary of renowned Japanese watchmakers Seiko Instruments Inc., the factory manufactures mechanical movements for Seiko’s watches right here in Singapore. 

First established in 1973, Seiko Instruments Singapore has kept up with the times, adopting digitalisation and adopting Industry 4.0 to help uphold its legacy of excellence and quality manufacturing.

To create a striking visual that attracts visitors, the exhibition is designed to resemble a clock face

Each content panel conveys a different portion of Seiko Instruments Singapore’s story

‘Made in Singapore’ watch movements are depicted in an exploded acrylic display