Safehouse Simulation Game

Client: GIC

Using a zombie game to teach investment principles

When GIC first approached us to design an infographic to share the principles behind the investment of our sovereign wealth fund with youth, we knew that there was a better way to reach them. Based on actual investment principles used by GIC, we crafted an online role-playing game in a post-apocalyptic landscape – zombies included – to engage the attention of tech-savvy 15-18 year olds.

Racing against time, players have to navigate a dangerous city to reach a safehouse, making various choices along the way only to realise that their choices involve a consideration of ethics and lead to different outcomes, each having its own tradeoffs.

After reaching the first safehouse in the online world, players are challenged to find their way to another safehouse — this time in a real-life simulation game. Players have to chart their moves on a physical landscape and complete various challenges to earn resources for their team’s survival.

At the end of the experience, players are each given a survivor’s guide each to take home. In it, we depicted simple scenarios in the real world that teens could easily relate to, revealing the relevance of key investment principles to their lives. In doing so, we also help them empathise with how these strategies are similarly used by GIC for the investment of national reserves.

This unique experiential game has since reached over 21,000 youth.