Smart Industry Readiness Index Website

Client: Singapore Economic Development Board

Introducing a Singapore-made assessment tool to global industry players

The Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) is an assessment tool developed by EDB to aid manufacturers in starting, scaling and sustaining their Industry 4.0 transformation journeys. To support the international launch of SIRI, we were commissioned to design a suite of communication assets and tools to be used as marketing efforts. For a new assessment tool created to help companies assess their Industry 4.0 readiness, it was important to communicate its use to both local and global industry players. The need to reach out to different groups on various channels required the content, messaging, design and medium to be curated for a variety of uses.

SIRI website features a fresh and modern interface to convey ideas of advancement and growth

The visual language of the website was extended to create a supporting SIRI PowerPoint template and SIRI Assessment Report

To market SIRI at events and tradeshows, an interactive application was designed to serve as a demo version of the SIRI Assessment Matrix and Prioritisation Matrix

Interactive exhibition display panels present insights collected from SIRI assessments

SIRI whitepapers feature infographics which breakdown SIRI research and insights and communicate this information to the business community