Total Defence Experiential Showcase

Client: Nexus, MINDEF

Bringing our understanding of Total Defence from head to heart

For Singapore’s 30th year in commemorating Total Defence, Nexus wanted to go beyond head knowledge of the pillars of Total Defence to have Singaporeans connect to why this matters to them personally. To do this, we created an interactive exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore that presented insightful and honest perspectives on how Singaporeans from different walks of life make meaning of Total Defence in their lives. It encouraged people to imagine how mutual support and cooperation allow us to overcome the uncertainty of Singapore’s future and ensure that the Singapore Story lives on.

Inspired by the Total Defence logo, the exhibition logo features 5 coloured arrows.

The experience was crafted around five main characters, to give visitors an experience of walking through a person’s journey.

Though the stories, visitors gain empathy and an appreciation for the different ways in which people contribute to Total Defence.

To provide an introspective interlude in the exhibition, we designed a room that surfaced dilemmas people may face that require them to make tough choices.

In addition to physical way finding in the exhibition, visitors could also use an online app to guide their journey.