‘We, the Citizens of Singapore’ Exhibition

Client: National Population and Talent Division, Prime Minister’s Office

In an exhibition that had to celebrate our 50 years of citizenship and also resonate with both new and existing citizens, the question we asked ourselves was — how we can we talk about citizenship in a way that helps people see that it is both a privilege and also a choice?

We decided to unpack these values and represent the nuances of what makes us citizens through the stories of Singaporeans from various walks of life, who are citizens both by birth and also by choice. We curated a range of stories of Singaporeans who exemplified the different ways these values could be lived out to show that citizenship is ultimately our commitment to a shared future. All the stories were grounded in the ideals expressed in our Pledge to demonstrate how our individual stories contribute to a larger effort in nation building.

The exhibition roved for a year and was brought to various community spaces, schools and Citizenship Ceremonies across various GRCs in Singapore.

Exhibition logo design inspired by the crescent moon and five stars on Singapore’s national flag.

Exhibition branding was extended by applying the logo motif into the space design.

Each story cluster featured narratives of individuals who related to that particular ideal.

Historical milestones relating to the pledge values were mapped as a timeline infographic on the exterior of each story cluster.

A complimentary microsite was developed, which features a self-discovery quiz as well as the exhibition content.

Visitor responses to the self-discovery quiz were mapped onto a large digital wall, extending individual experience into a collective one.

Reflection cards invited visitors to share their thoughts after viewing the exhibition.

Event collaterals designed with an uniquely Singaporean aesthetic.